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Timberline Custom Homes

Timberline Custom Homes serves home and cottage owners throughout Peterborough and The Kawarthas.

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Timberline Custom Homes

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5584 Hwy 28, Woodview, ON, Canada K0L 3E0

PKHBA Award Winner
PKHBA Award Winner

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Timberline Custom Homes

Timberline provides our “complete service” for designing and building your envisioned project by partnering with our clients each step of the way, from the concept stage to developing the plans, obtaining permits and variances, engineering, excavation to the final finished product including services and landscaping. Timberline designs and builds all sizes of projects, including homes, cottages, renovations, additions, bunkies, garages, boathouses, docks and more. Recently introducing heavy equipment has expanded our services to site preparation, demolition, excavation, backfilling, road building, septic installation and landscaping, ultimately developing our clients projects from the ground up.

Timberline Custom Homes

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