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Peterborough & The Kawarthas Home Builders Association (PKHBA)

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Peterborough & The Kawarthas Home Builders Association (PKHBA) is a non-profit organization, which is organized as a network of local professionals. PKHBA has represented the professional home building industry in Peterborough & The Kawarthas since 1956. Members include new home builders, renovators, sub-trade contractors, service professionals, manufacturers and suppliers of building products and government agencies.

PKHBA members are also members of the Canadian Home Builders Association and Ontario Home Builders Association, which enables us consultation with governments at all levels on policies, programs and legislation that affect the industry and consumers.

PKHBA is built on a vision and commitment – a vision of a progressive, diverse, local community where quality of life is supported through housing and a commitment to support the business success of our members and their ability to provide quality and choice for consumers.

PKHBA works to achieve a healthy business environment for its members. We are committed to a fair and competitive marketplace, where all members have the opportunity to operate their business profitably.

PKHBA works to support the professionalism of its members. We believe that skills, experience and integrity are the cornerstones of professionalism in our industry. We are committed to providing our members with opportunities to learn, grow and take pride in their achievements.

PKHBA works to promote the interests of housing consumers. We believe that all Canadians should have the right to a reasonable opportunity to own their own homes. We also believe that all Canadians have the right to decent, safe and appropriate housing.

“Building Pride In Our Community for Over 60 Years”

Our Vision:

A progressive, diverse, local community where quality of life is supported through housing.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to associate the residential construction industry to create a collaborative, supportive forum to:

  • Facilitate the development of sustainable businesses for our members
  • Advocate for effective government policy
  • Maintain positive consumer experiences
  • Exchange experiences, information and best practices
Our Staff

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Our board members


Meet the people behind the service.



The membership committee provides direction for recruitment efforts and reviews the onboarding process.

Education and Training

PKHBA offers Education on demand and shares HBA approved training from various partners such as BuildAbility (https://www.trainingbuilders.ca/course-listing), EnerqQuality (https://www.enerquality.ca/education/), CHBA (https://www.chba.ca/CHBAFR/)

Women in Trades Committee

The Women in Trades Committee’s purpose is to raise the profile of women in trades & provide support to thrive. The power of women connecting and supporting each other is unmatched. We want to foster relationships in the construction industry and the trades to younger generations.

Advocacy Committee

PKHBA is committed to bringing the concerns of our members to decisions making with our unified voice.

Events Committee

PKHBA hosts a variety of events each year to celebrate our members and support our community. If you want to help organize an event let us know. Stand-alone events committees include: Housing Design Awards Gala, Golf Tournament, and Annual Charity Auction.

Past Presidents

Garnet Northey


Rick Coker


Monique Cleary


Garnet Northey

2014-2018, 2021-2022

Randy Smith


Mike Davenport


Paul Peterson


Scott Wootton


Don Dyck

2001-2002, 2009

Paul Lumsden


Dean Hewitt


Glen Watson


Murray Davenport


Pat Cleary


Jack Peirson


Bob Parr


Frank Barker


Randy Kingdon


Bob Woodward


Harold Doig


Ray Moran


Merv Gray


Hans Keppler

1968-1969, 1978-1979, 1983-1987

Frank Ephgrave


Earl Minor


Ted Gray


Dave Mitchell

1959, 1962

Leo Cleary

1958, 1967

George Clarke

1957, 1966

Art Kingdon

1956, 1964-1965

Code of ethics

These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed as they form part of an obligation as Members of the Peterborough & The Kawarthas Home Builders Association.

  • Members shall comply with applicable building codes of Canada as a minimum standard for construction and shall work toward its improvement in the interests of structural sufficiency, safety, and health.
  • Members shall plan their sites and homes to conform to the principles of good community planning and support for the environment.
  • Members shall deal justly with their employees, subcontractors, and suppliers of all goods and services.
  • Members shall deal honestly and fairly with their customers and stand behind the quality of their work and service commitments.
  • Members shall exchange information and experience, and encourage research on materials, technical advancements and building techniques in order to provide the best value for their customers.
  • Members shall avoid all conduct or practice detrimental to the house building industry, to the Association, to the good name or reputation of any of its members, or its customers.
  • Members shall commit to continuing learning through human resource policies and practices, including employment practices which treat employees as assets.
  • Members shall actively promote health and safety principles.
  • Members shall treat their competitors, including their property and ideas, with respect.