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EcoVue Consulting is a land use planning and development services firm, headquartered in Peterborough, ON servicing developers, private land owners and municipalities throughout Ontario. EcoVue provides planning project management and design services to our clients.

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EcoVue Consulting Services

Established in 2006, EcoVue Consulting Services Inc., is located in the City of Peterborough, in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes. Over the past 11 years EcoVue has become the foremost full-service professional land use planning and development firm in East Central Ontario.  EcoVue offers professional planning services to municipalities, individual landowners, and larger development firms from Ottawa to Whitby and from Burk’s Falls to Belleville. We focus on balancing planning solutions that respect the natural environment, heritage, culture, and economic realities of modern society.

Our knowledgeable and solution-oriented team of professionals works with developers and private land owners to maximize their odds of project success by identifying and minimizing planning obstacles. Our familiarity with the area in which we provide services ensures that we will provide relevant and practical solutions to the most challenging of projects.

Our continued success can be attributed to our multi-disciplinary approach. Our team includes Urban Planners, Rural Planners, Planning and Design Technicians as well as Civil Engineering and Survey Technologists, and Administrative Staff.  We work closely with professionals from a broad range of disciplines, including agrologists, archaeologists, biologists, civil engineers, hydrogeologists, traffic experts, surveyors and others, carefully matching their areas of expertise to each specific project we undertake. We are proud of our ability to manage complicated projects from start to finish.

Our strong working relationships with municipal planning and administrative staff, as well Provincial Ministries and government agencies has resulted in the successful completion of hundreds of development projects across Ontario. We appear regularly before Planning Advisory Committees, Committees of Adjustment, and Municipal Councils on behalf of our clients, gaining the respect of these decision makers in our role as professional planners.

EcoVue assists non-profit corporations, such as, assisted living and group homes, religious institutions and registered charities with planning services, with consideration given to the financial constraints experienced by this client group.

EcoVue also assists public sector clients, including municipalities, provincial government ministries and agencies to achieve positive outcomes by providing expertise in policy review and development, municipal plan review and technical analysis.

Above all, we value the relationships which we develop with our clients. Planning is a complicated endeavor and one which is not well understood by most of those who embark on land use development projects. We understand the importance of clear communication, creative thinking and effective project management.

EcoVue Consulting Services

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