New Home Building: A Brand New Home Built For Your

New Home Building: A Brand New Home Built For Your

Get a new home built just for you.

Thinking about buying a home? Looking for great style and lots of features? Want a home that’s designed for your lifestyle? A home that is great to live in and “feels just right for you”? Then contact the Peterborough & The Kawarthas Home Builders Association (PKHBA). PKHBA can provide you a list of professional new home builders in your community and so you can discover what a brand new home has to offer.

“Today’s builders know that every customer is unique, and that everyone has different needs and preferences,”

says Jim Thomson, President of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

“That’s why a new home is a collaboration between you and your builder. Builders carefully select the designs and features they offer to their customers, and then together, you work out the details for your home. The result is a brand new home built for you.”

The selection of new homes has never been greater. Whether you are purchasing your first home or your next one, builders offer attractive options for everyone. Homes range from single family homes to townhouses, condominium apartments and lofts. Locations range from new suburban communities, urban infill developments or converted commercial buildings.

When it comes to style, layout, features and finishing touches, builders are giving free rein to great design. You will have no trouble finding a home that reflects your preferences and way of living. At the same time, builders understand the importance of convenience -- functional layouts, easy work areas and low maintenance products.

No new home is complete without your personal touch. While builders’ practices vary, they all leave room for you to create the final look of your home. You choose the cabinets, flooring, tiles, lighting and other finishing components. You can add extra features such as fireplaces and mantels. In many cases, you can modify the floor plans, add windows or change the exterior cladding. When you buy a brand new home, you have the opportunity to get what you want, from the beginning.

And that’s just part of the picture. Just as important is what you cannot see, but will experience every day -- the comfort of energy -- efficient construction and systems, the freshness of your home thanks to ventilation and use of “clean-air” materials, and the abundance of natural light.

Buying a brand new home is a rewarding experience that also provides peace of mind. Behind every new home stands a team committed to customer satisfaction -- your builder, the manufacturers of brand-name building products and materials used in your home and the warranty company. You can enjoy your new home for years to come without worrying about repairs and replacements.