Energy Efficiency in the Building Code

Energy Efficiency in the Building Code

Energy Efficiency in the Ontario Building Code

Gord Cooke of Building Knowledge shared his expertise and history of the building code and energy efficiency regulations in the building code October 2023. Opening presentation from Canada Radon on how to mitigate Radon in new residential construction. Building Code discussion includes tiers and compliance options.

Fun Facts on the Building Code

  • The first building code in Canada was published in 1941 and was 300 pages long.
  • The 2020 building code is about 1,700 pages.
  • The building code was created for safety and focused on structural, fire, health and sanitation.
  • Canada has been a leader in energy efficiency in housing since the 1970s
    • Saskatchewan Conversation House 1977
    • The American Energy Star program is modeled after Canada's R-2000 program
    • Passive House was created in 1988 based on Canadian research & building science
  • The building code required buildings to be air-tight in 1997 to reduce moisture in the walls (section 9.23)
  • In the 1990s furnace efficiency went from 60% to 90% because less homes were built with chimneys
  • houses became 50% more efficient in the 1990s compared to the 1970s because of health & safety requirements in the Building Code
    • houses built in the 2020s are 50% more efficient compared to the 1990s because of the building code
  • Energy Efficiency became a code requirement in the 2010 National Building Code section 9.36
  • Ontario created SB 12 in the 2012 Ontario Building Code with prescriptive packages

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Carbon in Building

Track your Carbon Emissions with the Builder's for Climate Action BEAM Tool. There are many cost effective products that reduce embodied carbon and carbon emissions in residential construction. Track your building's carbon and ask your suppliers for reduced carbon products when building homes.

Building Science

CHBA's 2020 Builder's Manual includes top building science practices in a practical guide. The book includes information on building Net Zero, how to build with pre-fabricated components, right sizing mechanicals, and more. Order your copy from CHBA online HERE

2024 Ontario Building Code

The Province of Ontario released the 2024 Building Code and it will be in effect January 1, 2025. The 2024 Ontario Building Code streamlines processes for the sector and increases harmonization with the National Construction Codes by eliminating at least 1,730 technical variations between the provincial and national requirements.,Timing%20and%20transition%20provisions,designs%20that%20are%20already%20underway.

PKHBA will be hosting in person education on the changes fall 2024. Contact Rebecca to receive more information:

The South Western Ontario Housing Summit is on the new Building Code. Wednesday July 10th 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in London, ON tickets $55 available online