Being a PKHBA Board Member Has Its Benefits

Being a PKHBA Board Member Has Its Benefits

Find out how you can benefit from being a PKHBA member.

Board meetings are usually held every once a month on a Wednesday

“I have been on the PHKBA board of directors for little under a year now and really enjoy being part of it. I like to be part of our local building community as we all live, work, and play in this great place and I want to make sure I can help it grow and control what happens within the industry. I get a firsthand look at everything surrounding the business. I have made some really great friends and look forward to more years on the board.”

Mike Kingdon, Current Board Member

“I’ve been involved on and off the PKHBA BOD for more than 15 years and find the experience a fantastic way to stay engaged and “in the know” of what is happening with our industry. What I have learned and continue to learn by being associated with the PKHBA is invaluable to me and my company and as a builder, and as an employer. I would strongly encourage members to get further engaged and step up to the BOD as a way to get even more out of their membership. As well, it’s always a great feeling to give a little back to an association that gives so much to its members.”

Scott Wootton - Past Board Member

“I have been on the Board of the PKHBA for the past few years. During my directorship I have increased my knowledge about the home building industry and the inner mechanics of a non-profit association. I am thrilled to be a part of an organization that gives back to the industry and the Community. I encourage you to find out more about being on the board. It is a great opportunity to network and make a difference for an industry that your are passionate about!

Mary Babcock - Past Board Member